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NTC 5D-9 Thermistor

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Model: 5D-9
Price: Rs.10.00

This NTC 5D-9 is commonly used in SMPS to save it from inrush current or voltage surge. This is a 5 ohm thermal resistor capable of handling 3A ... more info
DB107 - Bridge Rectifier Diode

In Stock: 13

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Model: DIP4
Price: Rs.12.00

This is a DB107 Bridge Rectifier 1A, 1000V rated in IC type DIP-4 package for easy PCB mounting AC to DC oparation.   
2N3055 NPN Power Transistor

In Stock: 10

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Model: TO3-CDIL
Price: Rs.56.00

This is a 2N3055 NPN Power transistor in TO3 metal case from CDIL Rated for 115 Watts at max 60V 15A. 
2N2907A PNP Transistor

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Model: TO-18 Metal Case
Price: Rs.23.00

This is a 2N2907A PNP transistor from CDIL in TO-18 metal case.Rated for max -60V dc and 600mA. 
C945 NPN Switching Transistor

In Stock: 29

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Model: TO92
Price: Rs.6.00

C945 NPN switching transistor rated 60V 100mA in TO-92 plastic package. Manufactured by CDIL Very commonly found in computer SMPS. 
Rocker Switch 2 Pin SPST

In Stock: 30

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Model: ON-OFF Switch
Price: Rs.15.00

This is a Rocker switch 2 Pin SPST type for On and OFF oparation in electronic circuits. This switch is rated to work at 250V and 4A . This is a good ... more info
TLC5510 - 8Bit High Speed 20MSPS ADC IC

In Stock: 9

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Model: SOP-24
Price: Rs.225.00

The TLC5510 is CMOS, 8-bit, 20 MSPS Analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) that utilize a semiflash architecture. The TLC5510 operate with a single 5-V ... more info
HX710B High Precision 24-Bit ADC

In Stock: 65

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Model: DIP8
Price: Rs.33.00

Based on Avia Semiconductor’s patented technology, HX710B is a precision 24-bit Analog-to-digital converter (ADC) with built-in DVDD, AVDD ... more info
LM338 Adjustable 5A Positive Voltage Regulator

In Stock: 10

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The LM338 is a adjustable 3-terminal positive voltage regulator is capable of supplying in excess of 5 Amp over a 1.2-V to 32-V output range. They ... more info
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