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IRF9540N P-Channel MOSFET

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Model: IRF9540N
Price: Rs.45.00

IRF9540 is a P-Channel Mosfet from International Rectifier. This device comes in TO-220 package and rated for -100V  and -23A with very low ... more info
OV7670 camera module

Out of Stock

... more info
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Model: OV7670 camera module
Price: Rs.450.00

The OV7670 is a low cost image sensor + DSP that can operate at a maximum of 30 fps and 640 x 480 ("VGA") resolutions, equivalent to 0.3 ... more info
Arduino UNO R3 Board

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Model: Atmega16U2 based
Price: Rs.1,050.00  Rs.900.00
Save: 14% off

The Arduino UNO is a popular development board that is widely used by hobbyists, students, and professionals alike. It is based on the ATmega328P ... more info
0.47uf 63V Electrolytic Capacitor

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Min:  5

Model: Keltron
Price: Rs.2.00

This is a very good quality 0.47uF/63V electrolytic capacitor from Keltron. Used for many application, very commonly used in power supply ... more info
RJ45 Socket with LED indicator

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Model: VT-CC0298
Price: Rs.200.00

This is a RJ45 Socket with filter and indicator LED for status. This connector has 8 conducting points and 2 pair conductor for LED, suitable for ... more info
RJ11 Socket 4 Pin

Out of Stock

... more info
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Model: VT-CS-RJ11
Price: Rs.12.00

This is an RJ11 Socket with 4 Pin, PCB mount type for connecting telephone line. You need RJ11 4pin plug to connect in to this socket. Good quality ... more info
1000uf 25V Electrolytic Capacitor

In Stock: 48

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Price: Rs.10.00

This is Keltron brand  1000uF 25V electrolytic capacitor SA +85C HB series. Very commonly used in power supply DC smoothing or ... more info
4.7uf 63V Electrolytic Capacitor

In Stock: 90

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Min:  10

Model: Keltron
Price: Rs.1.80

This is a high quality 4.7uf 63V rated electrolytic capacitor. This polarized Keltron Brand Capacitor is usefull for filtering and other applications.
Solder Flux For SMD - RMA-223

Out of Stock

... more info
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Model: Flux-RMA-223
Price: Rs.40.00

This is AMTECH Solder Flux Type-RMA-223 very useful for soldering SMT components. Product is come in 10cc volume in siring type casing, This AMTECH ... more info
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