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18 Pin IC Base

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Model: IC-Socket -18 Pin
Price: Rs.4.00

This is an IC base for 18 Pin IC's. This base is very useful for your circuit because if your IC burns out you can easily change the IC without ... more info
8GB class-10 SDHC card preeloaded Raspbian OS

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... more info
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Price: Rs.390.00

8GB high speed class-10 micro SD card with SDHC adapter for Raspberry pi comes pre-loaded with Raspbian OS. At first boot it will give you the option ... more info
Raspberry Pi Model B 512MB -ARM Single Board Computer

In Stock: 1

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Model: VT-DEV0374
Price: Rs.3,600.00  Rs.2,950.00
Save: 18% off

Raspberry Pi is a ARM based single board computer (SBC). Small credit card size makes it ideal for many use full application. This ARM based SBC runs ... more info
SOT223-SOT89 to SIP3 Adapter PCB

In Stock: 981

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Model: SOT223-SOT89-SIP3
Manufacturer: Ventor Technologies

Price: Rs.15.00

This is a very high quality double sided PCB for SOT223 and SOT89 to SIP3. one side is SOT223 for LDO type chips and another side is SOT89 for mosfet ... more info
QFN32-QFN40 to DIP Adapter PCB

In Stock: 84

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Model: QFN32-40-DIP-PCB
Manufacturer: Ventor Technologies

Price: Rs.60.00

This is a very high quality double sided adapter PCB for QFN32 in one side and QFN40 in another side with 0.5mm pitch. with ground plane. suitable ... more info
Battery Holder - 4 AA

In Stock: 8

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Model: VT-AA-BH-6V
Price: Rs.50.00

This is a battery holder for 4 AA size cells which makes 6V DC power bank. This battery holder has a spring loaded battery holder and inbuilt snap ... more info
Rotary Encoder 12 Steps 360 degree

Out of Stock

... more info
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Model: VT-EC12
Price: Rs.65.00  Rs.49.00
Save: 25% off

This is a 12 steps 360 degree rotary encoder with clicking feel. This is different from potentiometer  as it freely moves 360 degree without any ... more info
MPU6050 Three Axis Gyro Accelerometer Module

In Stock: 2

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Model: GY521
Price: Rs.250.00

MPU6050 is a innovative little chip which combines three axis Accelerometer and three axis  gyroscope, and a motion processing unit built in. ... more info
79L05 Negative 5V Voltage Regulator 100mA

In Stock: 11

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Model: 79L05-TO92
Price: Rs.7.00

79L05 is a negative 5V DC 100mA Voltage regulator in TO92 package.
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