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Stepper Motor 5V with ULN2003 Driver Board

In Stock: 11

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Model: VT-STM5V-ULN2003
Price: Rs.375.00  Rs.250.00
Save: 33% off

This is a 5V stepper motor with and matched ULN2003 based driver board. Suitable for lots of very accurate application and experiments. can be used ... more info
ACS712 High Current sensor Module 30 Amp

In Stock: 3

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Model: VT-SEN0384
Price: Rs.450.00  Rs.405.00
Save: 10% off

This is a small but very effective Linear current sensor module, This sensor module is based on ACS712 hall-effect based linear current sensor chip. ... more info
ACS712 Low Current sensor Module 5 Amp

In Stock: 6

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Model: VT-SEN0383
Price: Rs.425.00  Rs.382.50
Save: 10% off

This is a small but very effective Linear current sensor module, This module is designed around ACS712 hall effect based current sensor chip. This ... more info
LM2596 DC-DC Step-down adjustable 3A SMPS Module

In Stock: 49

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Model: LM2596S-ADJ-Module
Price: Rs.120.00  Rs.69.00
Save: 43% off

This is a DC to DC Adjustable Step-down (Buck) 3A voltage regulator board. This regulator module is based on LM2596S-ADJ SMPS chip which supports 150 ... more info
Ethernet Shield W5100 for Arduino

In Stock: 4

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Model: VT-SLD0381
Price: Rs.1,080.00  Rs.750.00
Save: 31% off

Arduino Ethernet Shield is a easy way to connect your Arduino UNO boards to internet. This Ethernet shield is based on Wiznet W5100 chip which ... more info
Arduino Pro Mini Atmega328P-MU (5V-16MHz) board

In Stock: 2

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Model: VT-DEV0380
Manufacturer: Ventor Technologies

Price: Rs.350.00

Arduino Pro Mini  is a small, thin Atmega328P microcontroller based minimum system board designed by sparkfun as an minimum system Arduino. This ... more info
Micro Servo Motor-TowerPro9g

In Stock: 12

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Model: TP-SG90
Price: Rs.250.00  Rs.160.00
Save: 36% off

Micro servo motor from Tower Pro model 9g with plastic gear makes it light weight and small in size. SG90 micro servo motor can produce a Torque of ... more info
7912 - Negative 12V Linear Voltage Regulator

In Stock: 7

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Model: KA7912-TO220
Manufacturer: Fairchild (On Semi)

Price: Rs.20.00

7912 is a linear 12V negative voltage regulator in TO220 package. 
7812 - Positive 12V Voltage Regulator IC

In Stock: 30

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Model: L7812CV-TO220
Manufacturer: STMicroelectronics

Price: Rs.15.00

7812 is a positive 12V 1A linear voltage regulator IC in TO220 package. Linear voltage regulator genarets heat to regulate voltage so if ... more info
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