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Banana Socket Small Connector 5Pcs

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Model: BSS
Price: Rs.60.00  Rs.50.00
Save: 17% off

This small banana socket is for connecting plug of 4mm size. This is a five colour pack of small size banana socket for AC or DC connection with ... more info
Relay 12V DC SPDT 7A 250V

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Model: HL-DC12-SPDT
Price: Rs.21.00

This is a 12V DC SPDT type Relay. it can be used to switch AC 250V upto 7A. 5 Pin relay is also called suger Cube Relay. This is PCB mount type ... more info
ICL7660 SMD Positive to Negative Voltage Generator

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Model: ICL7660A-SMD
Price: Rs.25.00

The Intersil ICL7660 is a IC which is used to generate negative voltage from supplied positive voltage using only two capacitors. The ICL7660 ... more info
PCB Terminal 3 Pin 24A Industrial Grade

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Model: VITAL-508/3
Price: Rs.18.00

This is a 3 Pin 5.08mm pitch 24A 300V Industrial grade PCB terminal block from VITAL 508 series V2 screw type connector. 
PCB Terminal 2 Pin 24A Industrial Grade

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Model: VITAL-508/2
Price: Rs.12.00

This is a 2 Pin 5.08mm pitch 24A 300V Industrial grade PCB terminal block from VITAL 508 series V2 screw type connector. 
Non invasive Split Core AC current sensor 100A

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Model: SCT-013-000
Price: Rs.550.00

This is SCT013 000 100A Non-Invasive AC Current Sensor Split Core Type Clamp Meter Sensor. SCT-013-000 is a Non-Invasive AC current sensor i.e. it is ... more info
TL084 SMD Quad JFET-Input Operational Amplifier

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Model: TL084C
Manufacturer: Texus Instruments

Price: Rs.15.00

The TL084 JFET-input operational amplifier is designed to offer a wider selection than any previously developed operational amplifier family. Each of ... more info
CH340G USB to Serial Bridge Converter

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Model: CH340G
Price: Rs.45.00

CH340 is a USB to serial bridge convert IC chip. CH340 supplies common MODEM signals, used to provide asynchronous serial interface of computer or ... more info
XR2206 Monolithic 1MHz Function Generator

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Model: XR2206CP
Price: Rs.150.00

The XR-2206 is a monolithic function generator integrated circuit capable of producing high quality sine, square, triangle, ramp, and pulse waveforms ... more info
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