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3.3V Zener Diode 500mW

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Min:  10

Model: 3V3 Zener Diode
Price: Rs.1.20

This is a 3.3V Zener Diode 1/2 watt rating. This 500mW rated zener diode is suitable to use as 3.3V regulator in low cost electronic circuits.
Arduino UNO SMD CH340 Board

In Stock: 7

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Model: SMD-UNO
Manufacturer: Ventor Technologies

Price: Rs.450.00

This is an Arduino UNO SMD Compatible board with SMD Atmega328P. This board has 14 digital pins, 6 analog pins, 8 pin Power connector has 5V, 3.3V ... more info
Micro SD card connector

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... more info
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Model: Micro SD Connector Plastic
Price: Rs.10.00

Very simple connector for Micro SD card. Actual product photograph.   
10 Pin Box header straight

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Model: 10PBHM
Price: Rs.6.00

This is a 5x2 line 10 pin box header for FRC connection. This Box header has an open slot for FRC female connector to fit in preventing wrong ... more info
TSOP1838 - Infrared Receiver

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Model: VS1838B
Price: Rs.21.00

The TSOP1838 or VS1838 is a  miniaturized receivers for infrared remote control systems comes in a metal package. PIN diode and pre-amplifier ... more info
Infrared (IR) LED Transmitter Receiver Pair

In Stock: 29

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Price: Rs.20.00

Infrared LED looks like an normal LED but you can not see it glowing. Transparent LED is a transmitter IR LED and it will transmit infrared light ... more info

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Model: 2N7000-TO92
Price: Rs.10.00

2N7000 is an N-Channel 60V 200mA MOSFET in TO92 Package. it is suitable for 3.3V and 5V Logic level switching.  It can replace BS170 MOSFET. see ... more info
MMBT3904- NPN Transistor

In Stock: 2820

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Min:  10 Units:  10

Model: MMBT3904LT1G-SOT-23
Manufacturer: ON Semiconductor

Price: Rs.4.50

MMBT3904 is NPN transistor in SOT-23 package. This is the SMD version of popular 2N3904 transistor. MMBT3904 is a NPN General purpose Amplifier and ... more info
33pf 50V Ceramic disk capacitor

In Stock: 673

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Min:  10 Units:  10

Model: 33pf-AEC
Price: Rs.0.50

   This 33pF 50V ceramic disk capacitor is used with crystal. it is require to start the crystal, without this cap crystal may start or may ... more info
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