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22 pF multilayer ceramic capacitor SMD (1206) 10 Pcs.

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Model: 22pf SMD1206
Price: Rs.20.00

This 22 pF multilayer ceramic SMD capacitor is used with crystal. it is require to start the crystal, without this cap crystal may start or may not ... more info
100 nF (0.1uf) multilayer ceramic capacitor SMD (1206) 10 Pcs.

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This is a very commonly used 0.1uF (100 nF) multilayer ceramic SMD capacitor. Used for decoupling all sort of IC from power supply. This is ... more info
3-1/2 Digit LCD

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... more info
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Model: 3-1/2 LCD
Price: Rs.120.00

This is an 3 1/2 Digit LCD Display unit in 40 Pin DIP type package. can be used with ICL7106 or any other application. 
LM386 - Low Voltage Audio Power Amplifier

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Model: LM386-DIP
Price: Rs.10.00

The LM386 is a audio power amplifier designed for use in low voltage applications. The gain is internally set to 20 to keep external part count low, ... more info
74HC139 - Dual 2 to 4 line decoder demultiplexer

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Model: 74HC139-DIP
Manufacturer: ON Semiconductor

Price: Rs.14.00

The 74HC139 is Dual 2-to-4 line decoder or demultiplexer. it contains two independent 2-to-4 decoder which can be controlled by G1 and G2 ... more info
74HC138 - 3 to 8 line decoder demultiplexer

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Model: SN74HC138N
Manufacturer: Texus Instruments

Price: Rs.20.00

The 74HC138 is 3 to 8 line decoder demultiplexer. SN74HC138N has 3 select line for selecting one of the 8 output line low, useful for ... more info
74HC244 - Octal Non Inverting Buffer/Line Driver; 3 State

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Model: 74HC244-DIP
Manufacturer: NXP-Philips

Price: Rs.25.00

74HC244 is a Octal 3-State Buffer. It has two active low control line for selecting set of 4 Non inverting buffer.   
Quartz Crystal 8MHz

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Model: HC49S
Manufacturer: KDS

Price: Rs.8.00

This is a High quality 8MHz quartz crystal in HC49 casing. Every Microcontroller has inbuilt oscillator circuit, connecting this quartz crystal with ... more info
74HC4050 - Hex high to low level shifter

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Model: 74HC4050D-SOP16
Manufacturer: NXP-Philips

Price: Rs.21.00

Use full for 3.3V to 5V voltage level converter.The 74HC4050 provides six non-inverting buffers with a modified input protection structure, which has ... more info
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