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HX710B High Precision 24-Bit ADC

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Model: DIP8
Price: Rs.33.00

Based on Avia Semiconductor’s patented technology, HX710B is a precision 24-bit Analog-to-digital converter (ADC) with built-in DVDD, AVDD ... more info
LM338 Adjustable 5A Positive Voltage Regulator

In Stock: 10

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The LM338 is a adjustable 3-terminal positive voltage regulator is capable of supplying in excess of 5 Amp over a 1.2-V to 32-V output range. They ... more info
Heat Shrink Tube 3.0 mm (One meter)

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Model: HST-3.0
Price: Rs.9.00

This is a 3.0 mm diameter heat shrink tube from well known WOER brand. This is used to cover or insulate wire joints, after covering the wire heat is ... more info
10Kg Load Cell - Weighing Scale Sencor

In Stock: 9

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Model: 74MM
Price: Rs.225.00

This is a small 10 Kg max Load cell or weighing scale sensor. This Wheatstone bridge type stain gauge sensor comes with four wires attached to ... more info
HX711 Dual Channel ADC Module

In Stock: 9

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Model: Load cell amplifier
Price: Rs.90.00

This is a HX711 Chip based 24 bit dual channel ADC module. This high precision ADC module is used in weighing scale applications as load cell ... more info
CP2102 USB to Serial TTL Module with DTR

In Stock: 6

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Model: CP2102-Module
Price: Rs.150.00

This is a CP2102 based USB to Serial TTL module with 6 Pin connector includes DTR signal. This CP2102 Module is a new and improved design which gives ... more info
1N5408 3A Standard Rectifier Diode 1000V

In Stock: 12

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Model: 1N5408
Price: Rs.4.00

1N5408 is a 3A standard rectifier diode rated 1000V in DO-201AD package. 
NE555 - SMD Timer IC

In Stock: 87

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Model: LM/SE555-8SOIC
Price: Rs.10.00

This is a well known 555 Timer IC in SMD package. NE555, LM555, SE555 all are same Timer IC but made by different manufacturer.
A7 Quad Band GSM GPRS GPS Development Board

In Stock: 2

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Model: A7-Module
Price: Rs.1,500.00

This is A7 Based quad band GSM GPRS GPS development board. Board includes two antenna one for GPS and another for GPRS. All the module signals are ... more info
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