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Dot Matrix LED display - 5X7

In Stock: 11

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Model: DotMatrix5X7
Price: Rs.70.00

5X7 Dot Matrix LED display in RED colour size is 23mm X 32mm.  Dot matrix LED display modules are suitable for moving or scrolling massage ... more info
LED Blue 5mm Diffused

In Stock: 90

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Min:  10

Model: LED-B-5MM
Price: Rs.2.00

This is a super bright 5mm blue colour LED in diffused type round oval casing.      
LED White 5mm Clear

In Stock: 100

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Min:  10

Model: LED-W-5MM
Price: Rs.2.00

This is a super bright 5 mm white LED in clear type casing. 
8 Pin IC Base

In Stock: 58

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Model: IC-Socket-8 Pin
Price: Rs.2.00

This is an IC base for 8 Pin IC's. This base is very useful for your circuit because if your IC burns out you can easily change the IC without ... more info
RFID Reader Module, Card, Tags

In Stock: 5

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Model: MFRC-522
Price: Rs.425.00  Rs.290.00
Save: 32% off

RFID Reader MFRC522   Module uses NXP front end chip. Its working frequency is 13.56MHz ,That means RFID Reader MFRC522  ... more info
433MHz RF Transmitter and Receiver Module

In Stock: 6

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Model: 433MHz
Price: Rs.150.00  Rs.120.00
Save: 20% off

This is a 433MHz RF Transmitter and Receiver module pair. Suitable for low cost wireless communication between two devices. This module utilises ... more info
PIC18F4550 - 40 Pin DIP USB Microcontroller

In Stock: 5

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Model: PIC18F4550-I/P
Manufacturer: Microchip

Price: Rs.680.00

PIC18F4550 comes with Full Speed USB 2.0 (12Mbit/s) interface in a 40Pin DIP package. This chip has lots of other feature listed below.  1K byte ... more info
Wall Adapter 5V USB Type-A Output socket

In Stock: 13

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Model: PA-5-1
Price: Rs.60.00  Rs.50.00
Save: 17% off

This Wall power adapter comes with rating Input 240 VAC and Output 5 VDC. Out put is slandered USB A type female connector so you can power up any of ... more info
DS18B20 - 1 Wire Temperature Sensor

In Stock: 10

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Model: VT-SEN0258
Manufacturer: MAXIM Integrated

Price: Rs.145.00  Rs.110.00
Save: 24% off

The DS18B20 digital temperature sensor, provides 9-bit to 12-bit Celsius temperature measurements and has an alarm function with ... more info
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