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1K ohm Potentiometer with dust cap

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Model: 1K POT_Plastic-Cap
Price: Rs.3.50

This small linear Potentiometer with plastic dust-cap is bread board suitable. this is center tap type so two outer pins will measure full ... more info

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Min:  2

Model: BD140-CDIL
Price: Rs.6.00

BD140 is a PNP Power transistor in TO126 plastic package. Designed for use in Audio Amplifier and Driver utilization. Rated 100V, 1.5A working. ... more info
Quartz Crystal 14.7456MHz

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Model: HC49
Manufacturer: KDS

Price: Rs.12.00

This high quality odd value 14.7456MHz quartz crystal is very useful, when you are using AVR chips and want to establish serial communication with ... more info
120uH Inductor 1W

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Model: 120 uH
Price: Rs.10.00

This is an epoxy coated Axial-leaded 120uH (micro Henry) Inductor 1 watt rated. This Inductor is color coded and with +/- 10% tolerance. 
BT136 Logic Level Triac

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Model: BT136-600E
Price: Rs.15.00

BT136 is a 600V 4A  very sensitive Triac in a TO-220AB plastic package intended for use in general purpose bidirectional switching and phase ... more info
16x2-LCD-Blue With Backlight

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Model: 1602A-Blue
Price: Rs.220.00  Rs.180.00
Save: 18% off

This is an blue color Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) with 2 Line of white display and 16 characters in each line, based on HD44780 compatible ... more info
1uf 400V Metallised Polyester film capacitor

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Model: 105J400
Price: Rs.8.00

This is a 1uf 400V rated metallised polyester film capacitor , Marking 105J400. This X rated non polarized capacitors are  used in high voltage ... more info
MAX7219 -LED Dot Matrix-7 Segment Display Driver

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Model: MAX7219CNG+
Manufacturer: MAXIM Integrated

Price: Rs.120.00  Rs.108.00
Save: 10% off

The MAX7219 is a compact, serial input/output common-cathode display drivers that interface microcontroller  to 7-segment numeric LED ... more info
Dot Matrix LED display - 5X7

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Model: DotMatrix5X7
Price: Rs.70.00

5X7 Dot Matrix LED display in RED colour size is 23mm X 32mm.  Dot matrix LED display modules are suitable for moving or scrolling massage ... more info
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