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0 ohm Resistor 0805 SMD (100 Pcs)

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Model: 0R-0805 YAGEO
Price: Rs.30.00

  0 ohm or 0R resistor known as jumper also is very usefull and must have component. Zero ohm value is used in SMD PCB layout to connect two ... more info

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Model: SPDT-6V
Price: Rs.56.00

This is a GOODSKY brand  Single pole double throw (SPDT) type Relay with 5 pins in a cube type package and rated to work at 6VDC. SPDT relay can ... more info
Relay 12V DC DPDT

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... more info
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Model: DPDT-12V
Price: Rs.50.00

This is a DPDT (double pole double through) type 12V DC Relay with 8 pins.
PCB Terminal Block 3 Pin

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Model: PRIME 500-3
Price: Rs.9.00

This is 5.00mm pitch general purpose terminal block 3 Pin PCB type connector with screw. Tearminal blocks are used to connect wire using screw to the ... more info
PCB Terminal Block 2 Pin

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Model: PRIME 500-2
Price: Rs.6.00

This is 5.00mm pitch general purpose terminal block 2 Pin PCB type connector with screw. This terminal block can easily attached with other to form a ... more info
TCRT5000 - Reflective Optical Sensor

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Model: TCRT5000L
Price: Rs.30.00

The TCRT5000 and TCRT5000L is a  reflective optical sensor which include an infrared emitter (IR Diode) and photo transistor in a single molded ... more info
MMBD5819 - 1A Schottky Diode-S4-SS14

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... more info
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Model: MMBD5819-SOD123
Price: Rs.3.00

MMBD5819 is a 1A Schottky Diode in SOD-123 (1206) package, this is an SMD version of very popular 1N5819 throuhole Schottky Diode.  ... more info
ADXL345-Triple Axis Digital Accelerometer Module

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This is a ADXL345 based Triple axis accelerometer with digital output. This is a very small module with onboard 3.3V LDO regulator. This module ... more info
IRF9540N P-Channel MOSFET

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Model: IRF9540N
Price: Rs.45.00

IRF9540 is a P-Channel Mosfet from International Rectifier. This device comes in TO-220 package and rated for -100V  and -23A with very low ... more info
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