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USB Logic Analyzer 8Ch 24MHz

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Model: VT-Saleae
Price: Rs.1,050.00  Rs.810.00
Save: 23% off

This is a 8 Channel 24 MHz USB Logic Analyzer clone of well known Saleae Logic in a small form factor. This USB based logic analyzer comes with USB ... more info
Arduino MEGA 2560

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Model: Atmega16U2 based
Price: Rs.1,250.00  Rs.890.00
Save: 29% off

Arduino MEGA 2560 Board is a power house from Arduino list of AVR boards. This big board is build around Atmega2560 microcontroller (datasheet). ... more info
Bluetooth Module HC-06 Slave Only

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Model: HC06
Price: Rs.454.00  Rs.350.00
Save: 23% off

This is a HC-06 bluetooth module with 5V TTL support. HC-06 is slave only module for wireless serial communication. This module works with AT ... more info
Arduino Leonardo with USB micro Cable

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Model: Atmega32U4
Price: Rs.1,250.00  Rs.625.00
Save: 50% off

Arduino Leonardo is first development board from the house of Arduino which uses single AVR chip with Hardware USB. It Uses Atmega32U4 chip for your ... more info
InVentor UNO - Arduino UNO Compatible Board

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Model: UNO-DIP
Manufacturer: Ventor Technologies

Price: Rs.600.00  Rs.295.00
Save: 51% off

InVentor is a most innovative single sided USB Board design which is 100% Software and Hardware compatible with Arduino UNO Board. ... more info
ESP8266 WiFi Module ESP-01

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... more info
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Model: ESP-01
Price: Rs.200.00

This is ESP8266 SOC is a TTL level serial  to WiFi Transceiver  module with PCB trace antenna. This  ESP-01 type  ... more info
Snap Hook Clip Pair

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Model: VT-CON391
Price: Rs.33.00

This is a Snap hook Clip with gold plated hook type contact points. This hook connector is spring loaded for easy hooking at any point for testing. ... more info
Vibration Sensor- High Sensitivity Vibration Switch

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... more info
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Model: VT-SW-18010P
Price: Rs.12.00

SW-18010P vibration sensor switch is a spring loaded sealed high sensitivity module. This is a very small vibration switch which normally holds OFF ... more info
Laser Diode Red 650nm 5V 6mm 5mW

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Model: Laser Diode Module
Price: Rs.35.00

This is a Laser diode module in Red color. This 650nm Laser module is fitted in copper head, module size is 6mm and works with 5V supply and ... more info
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