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Model: payment
Price: Rs.1.00

This is a payment option for your requirement other than products listed. like extra shipping cost or custom product requirement.  chose right ... more info
Soil Moisture Humidity Sensor with Analog/Digital output

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This is soil moisture or soil humidity sensor module. PCB based small but effective probe and complete module with connecting wires. Two pads of ... more info
USB PC Oscilloscope (DSO)

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... more info
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Model: DSO-V1.0
Manufacturer: Ventor Technologies

Price: Rs.1,500.00

Simple but very effective PC based USB Oscillosope for your development work. DSO is a must to have tool in your lab or work bench. Inpute range +/- ... more info
Maxim DS1307 Based Tiny RTC Module

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Model: VT-DS1307
Manufacturer: Ventor Technologies

Price: Rs.200.00  Rs.150.00
Save: 25% off

This is a smallest Real Time Clock (RTC) Module based on Maxim DS1307 chip. This Tiny RTC module comes pre assambled with CR2032 battary socket, This ... more info
470nf/63V Box capacitor

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Model: u47K63
Price: Rs.10.00

This is a 470nf 63V rated metalized polyester film box type capacitor.  This is a non polarized capacitor.
ST-Link/V2 Mini Programmer-Debugger

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Price: Rs.390.00  Rs.210.00
Save: 46% off

ST-Link/V2 mini is a small form factor clone programmer and in circuit debugger for STM8 and STM32. This mini STM programmer is a low cost ... more info
ST-Link-V2 Programmer debugger

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Model: ST-LINKV2
Manufacturer: STMicroelectronics

Price: Rs.1,750.00  Rs.1,550.00
Save: 11% off

ST-LINK/V2 is an in-circuit debugger and programmer for the STM8 and STM32 microcontroller families. The single wire interface module (SWIM) and ... more info
Board Pin Header Female double row

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Model: FH-402
Price: Rs.20.00

This is a two row of 40 pins female pin headers comes in 2.54mm pith configuration. 
Board Pin Header Female single row

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Model: FH-401
Price: Rs.11.00

Female board pin headers with 2.54mm pin pitch. Single row of 40 pins usefull for arduino female type headers. Also known as 40X1 Flow Solder.
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