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Power Bank Boost Module

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Model: T6845-C
Price: Rs.70.00

This is a 3.7V to 5V boost module which is used in power bank. This module also support 4.2V and 1A  Charging to Li-Ion battery.  
TDA7388 - 45W Per Channel BTL Audio Amplifier

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Model: Flexiwatt25
Price: Rs.190.00

TDA7388 is a 4 channel Audio Amplifier IC capable of produsing 45W per channel at 15V supply. This IC is using BTL mode for its output.  
CD4440 - 19W BTL Audio Amplifier

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Model: LA4440
Price: Rs.50.00

CD4440 is a 6W per channel Stereo Audio amplifier IC. This Amplifier can be used in BTL Mode for 19W Mono output per IC at 12V supply. 
CD6283 - 9.2W Stereo Audio Amplifier

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Model: A6283
Price: Rs.24.00

CD6283 is a 4.6W per channel Stereo Audio Amplifire IC. Used in portable audio player. Low component count is a major advantage of this SIP IC. This ... more info

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Model: 9WMCPCB
Price: Rs.10.00

This is a high Britness MCPCB for 9W LED Bulb.  
9W LED Bulb Driver

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Model: LPF-IC
Price: Rs.15.00

This is a Driver board for making or repairing 9W LED bulb. This is a IC based Driver for proper brightness of the bulb.  
Bluetooth Audio Receiver Module

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Model: BT-3.0
Price: Rs.59.00

This is a Bluetooth Audio Receiver Module Ver.3.0 This Tiny module can work with 3.6-5 V DC and outputs stereo signals. This is the latest version ... more info
BT151 - 500V 12A SCR

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Model: TO220
Price: Rs.25.00

BT151 is a 500V 12A SCR.  
TYN612 - 12A 600V SCR

In Stock: 15

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Model: TO220
Price: Rs.28.00

TYN612 is a 12A 600V Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR). This is a unidirectonal 4 layer current controlled solid state device used in AC switching ... more info
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