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Knob with notch for D type shaft Potentiometer-Grey

In Stock: 34

This is a Grey colour Plastic Knob with notch for D type shaft potentiometers. Height of knob is 16mm, Dia min10mm to max 15mm. This knob is suitable ... more info
L14G2 - NPN Phototransistor

Out of Stock

... more info
 Sold Out 

Model: L14G2
Price: Rs.65.00

The L14G2 is a silicon phototransistors mounted in a narrow angle, TO-18 package.  L14G2 is an NPN phototransistor . It acts as a photodetector ... more info
L293D - H-Bridge Motor Driver

In Stock: 13


Model: L293D-DIP
Manufacturer: STMicroelectronics

Price: Rs.80.00

The L293D has two full H-Bridge or four half H-bridge circuit for Motor driving . The L293D is  designed to drive loads such as relays, ... more info
L298N Based 2A Motor driver Board

In Stock: 4


Model: L298-Module
Price: Rs.375.00  Rs.199.00
Save: 47% off

This is a L298N  based Dual H-bridge 2A motor driver board Module. This professional quality board comes with efficient heat ... more info
Laser Diode Red 650nm 5V 6mm 5mW

In Stock: 68


Model: Laser Diode Module
Price: Rs.35.00

This is a Laser diode module in Red color. This 650nm Laser module is fitted in copper head, module size is 6mm and works with 5V supply and ... more info
LDR - Light Dependent Resistor (Photocell)

In Stock: 937


Model: LDR-5mm
Price: Rs.7.00

Light dependent resistor (LDR), also known as photo resistor, photocell. Its resistance goes up in dark and goes down in light. This device is a good ... more info
LED Blue 3mm Clear

In Stock: 100

Min:  10

Model: LED-B-3MM
Price: Rs.1.60

This is a 3mm Blue LED in Clear type casing.  
LED Blue 5mm Diffused

In Stock: 90

Min:  10

Model: LED-B-5MM
Price: Rs.2.00

This is a super bright 5mm blue colour LED in diffused type round oval casing.      
LED Green - 5mm Ultra Bright

In Stock: 80

Min:  10

Model: LEDG5MM
Price: Rs.1.50

This is commonly used green color LED, comes in diffused 5 mm package. This is high brightness green LED.

In Stock: 90

Min:  10

Model: 3mmGreen
Price: Rs.1.25

This is commonly used green color LED, comes in diffused 3 mm package.     
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