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Button Cell Holder - Horizontal

In Stock: 41


Model: CR2032 Socket
Price: Rs.20.00

Button cell holder for CR2032 round shape horizontal PCB mount. very useful for making RTC module for your Digital clock project.
Button Cell Holder - Vertical

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Model: CR2032 Socket
Price: Rs.25.00

Button cell holder for CR2032 coin cell, vertical PCB mount.  this vertical mount cell holder takes very little space in your ... more info
Buzzer - DC Continuous

In Stock: 8


Model: Super
Price: Rs.33.00

This is a continues type DC buzzer rated to works with 6-12V DC supply. This buzzer is very easy to use just connect the required supply and it ... more info
C945 NPN Switching Transistor

In Stock: 29


Model: TO92
Price: Rs.6.00

C945 NPN switching transistor rated 60V 100mA in TO-92 plastic package. Manufactured by CDIL Very commonly found in computer SMPS. 
Carbon Monoxide (CO) Gas Sensor

In Stock: 6


Model: MQ-7
Price: Rs.250.00  Rs.225.00
Save: 10% off

MQ-7 sensor is suitable for detecting Carbon Monoxide gas concentration in the air from 20 to 2000 ppm. MQ7 has an heater inside the module and an ... more info

In Stock: 9


Model: HCF4026BE
Manufacturer: STMicroelectronics

Price: Rs.30.00

CD4026 or HCF4026 consists  of  a  5-stages  Johnson decade  counter  and  an  output  decoder  ... more info
CH330N - Tiny 8 SOP USB to Serial IC

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Model: CH330N-SOP8
Price: Rs.45.00

CH330N USB to serial chip with inbuilt Crystal and full usb 2.0 support comes in a small sop-8 package. Active Low RTS signal is also ... more info
CH340C USB to Serial IC With Inbuilt Crystal

In Stock: 2


Model: CH340C-SOP16
Price: Rs.65.00

CH340C is a usb to serial bridge converter IC with Internal Crystal Oscilator. SOP-16 Package for easy soldering and full USB 2.0 Support. Yet anothe ... more info
CH340G USB to Serial Bridge Converter

In Stock: 183


Model: CH340G
Price: Rs.55.00

CH340 is a USB to serial bridge convert IC chip. CH340 supplies common MODEM signals, used to provide asynchronous serial interface of computer or ... more info
CH340G USB to TTL Serial Port Module

In Stock: 5


Model: CH340G-Module
Price: Rs.100.00

This is a CH340G chip based USB to TTL serial port module. It supports 5V and 3.3V operation and it is jumper selectable. Windows and Linux is ... more info
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