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3uf 400V Metalized Polyester Film Capacitor

In Stock: 10


Model: 305J400V
Price: Rs.20.00

This is 3uf 400V Metalized polyester film capacitor with 305J400V marking. This power capacitor is usefull for making fan regulator. 
4-Channel Opto-Isolated Relay Module 5V to 220V 10A

In Stock: 1

This is a 4 channel relay module with opto-isolated input section, which is used to connect 5V DC based Microcontroller circuit to 220V AC connection ... more info
4.7K Ohm Resistor 0805 SMD (100 Pcs.)

In Stock: 47


Model: 4K7-0805 Royalohm
Price: Rs.30.00

This is 4.7K (4K7) ohm resistor in smd 0805 package 1/8w rated. 5% tolarence and avilable in cut tape of 100 pcs pack.  
4.7K Ohm Resistor 1/4 Watt

In Stock: 1100

Min:  10 Units:  10

Model: 4.7K ohm CFR
Price: Rs.0.50

This is a  4.7K ohm 1/4W carbon film resistor (CFR) with 5% tolerance, comes in strip of 10 with value written on it.
4.7uf 63V Electrolytic Capacitor

In Stock: 90

Min:  10

Model: Keltron
Price: Rs.1.80

This is a high quality 4.7uf 63V rated electrolytic capacitor. This polarized Keltron Brand Capacitor is usefull for filtering and other applications.
40 Pin IC Base

In Stock: 31


Model: IC-Socket-40Pin
Price: Rs.8.00

This is an IC base for 40 Pin IC's. This base is very useful for your circuit because if your IC burns out you can easily change the IC without ... more info
433MHz RF Transmitter and Receiver Module

In Stock: 6


Model: 433MHz
Price: Rs.150.00  Rs.120.00
Save: 20% off

This is a 433MHz RF Transmitter and Receiver module pair. Suitable for low cost wireless communication between two devices. This module utilises ... more info
470 Ohm Resistor 1/4 Watt

In Stock: 300

Min:  10 Units:  10

Model: 470E-CFR
Price: Rs.0.50

This is 470 ohm 1/4W carbon film resistor (CFR) with 5% tolerance, comes in strip of 10 with value written on it. This is also denoted as ... more info
470K ohm Rotary Potentiometer Plastic shaft (16MM)

In Stock: 50


Model: Panel_Mount-Elcon
Price: Rs.21.00

This is a 470K Ohm Linear single turn rotary potentiometer with plastic shaft. This pot is suitable for panel mounting. This 470K ohm potentiometer ... more info
470nf/63V Box capacitor

In Stock: 1


Model: u47K63
Price: Rs.10.00

This is a 470nf 63V rated metalized polyester film box type capacitor.  This is a non polarized capacitor.
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