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USB Cable A to Micro B-V2.0

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Model: USB A-MicroB
Price: Rs.60.00

This is a USB V2.0 Cable Type A to Micro B connector. Cable length is 150 CM. This high quality cable can be used as data cable for your Andriod ... more info
USB Cable A to Mini B-V2.0

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Model: USB A-Mini B
Price: Rs.30.00

This is an molded  long USB A male to mini B male cable.      
USB Cable type A to B

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Model: USB A-B
Price: Rs.65.00

USB type A to B cable, USB 2.0 Cable used in printers and some of our programmers. Also used for connecting Arduino boards like UNO, Mega2560 and ... more info
USB connector Type B Micro SMD

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Model: 5 Pin Micro-B
Price: Rs.9.00

This is a USB Type B micro SMD connector. It has 5pin SMD type package. also used in some Arduino boards for connecting power and USB data ... more info
USB Connector Type-A Female Right Angle

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Model: USB-A-F-RA
Price: Rs.10.00

This is a USB Type-A Female Connector, Through Hole PCB Mount. This is a USB V2.0 compatible connector for USB host system.  Pins are 90 degree ... more info
USB Connector Type-B Female

In Stock: 39


Model: USB-B-F
Price: Rs.30.00

This is a USB Type-B Female connector. The 4 connection pins have .1" spacing allowing it to be inserted into development boards and perf boards ... more info
USB Connector Type-B MINI Female SMD

In Stock: 60


Model: 5 Pin MINI-B
Price: Rs.12.00

This is USB Connector Type-B MINI Female with 5 pins SMD.  This mini connector comes with 4 flat horizontal arms to firmly secure it on PCB. ... more info
USB Logic Analyzer 8Ch 24MHz

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Model: VT-Saleae
Price: Rs.1,050.00  Rs.810.00
Save: 23% off

This is a 8 Channel 24 MHz USB Logic Analyzer clone of well known Saleae Logic in a small form factor. This USB based logic analyzer comes with USB ... more info
USB PC Oscilloscope (DSO)

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Model: DSO-V1.0
Manufacturer: Ventor Technologies

Price: Rs.1,500.00

Simple but very effective PC based USB Oscillosope for your development work. DSO is a must to have tool in your lab or work bench. Inpute range +/- ... more info
Vero Board - DOT Type(12x5 CM)

In Stock: 12


Model: VT-212
Price: Rs.30.00

Vero Board Dot type 12*5 cm is Perforated board used as material for prototyping electronic circuits. It is a thin, rigid sheet with holes ... more info
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