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MAX7219 -LED Dot Matrix-7 Segment Display Driver

In Stock: 2


Model: MAX7219CNG+
Manufacturer: MAXIM Integrated

Price: Rs.120.00  Rs.108.00
Save: 10% off

The MAX7219 is a compact, serial input/output common-cathode display drivers that interface microcontroller  to 7-segment numeric LED ... more info
MAX7219 LED Dot Matrix Module

In Stock: 18


Model: Max7219 Module
Price: Rs.200.00

This is a Max7219 driven 8x8 dot matrix led module. Total 64 dots are controlled by row and segment. This module is serially driven by any ... more info
MB10S 0.8A Bridge Rectifier SMD

In Stock: 820

Min:  10 Units:  10

Model: MB10S-SOIC
Price: Rs.5.00

MB10S is a  tiny SMD IC in SOIC-4 package bridge rectifier. it has staright orented configuration for AC and DC for easy PCB designe. MB10S ... more info
MBR20100CT Dual Schottky Rectifier Diode

In Stock: 8


Model: SI-TO220
Price: Rs.36.00

MBR20H100CT is a dual schottky rectifier diode in a single TO220 package. Rated for 100V and 20A. Commonly used in SMPS circuits.  
MC1458 - High performance dual Op-Amp

Out of Stock

... more info
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Model: Op-Amp
Price: Rs.16.00

The MC1458 and MC1558 are dual general-purpose operational amplifiers, with each half electrically similar to the µA741, except that offset ... more info
MC34063 - DC to DC Switching Regulator

In Stock: 200


Model: MC34063A-DIP
Price: Rs.15.00

MC34063 is a 1.5 A, Step-Up/Down/ Inverting Switching Regulators The MC34063 is a monolithic control circuit containing the primary functions ... more info
MC34063-SMD - Step Up/Down/Inverting Switching Regulator

In Stock: 380


Model: MC34063A-8SOIC
Price: Rs.15.00

MC34063 SMD IC is a 1.5 A, Step Up/Down/ Inverting Switching Regulator. The MC34063 Series is a monolithic control circuit containing the ... more info
MCT2E - Optocoupler With Phototransistor Output

In Stock: 20


Model: MCT2E-DIP6
Price: Rs.20.00

MCT2E Optocoupler  with Phototransistor Output  and base connection,  input is connected with infrared led. COMPATIBLE ... more info
Micro SD card connector

Out of Stock

... more info
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Model: Metal flap with lock
Price: Rs.15.00

This is a micro SD card socket which has hing metal flap with lock so that your SD card will be tight and secure in place.all the pins are gold ... more info
Micro SD card connector

Out of Stock

... more info
 Sold Out 

Model: Micro SD Connector Plastic
Price: Rs.10.00

Very simple connector for Micro SD card. Actual product photograph.   
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