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Cool White SMD LED 0.5W 5730

In Stock: 1380

Min:  10 Units:  10

Model: 5730-CW
Price: Rs.2.00

Cool White SMD LED 0.5W 5730 package, 40-65LM, I=150mA, V=2.8-3.6V suitable for LED bulb application and many other lighting applications.  High ... more info
Copper Clad Board

Out of Stock

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 Sold Out 

Model: CCB-64
Price: Rs.39.00

Make your single side or one layer prototype PCB in no time with this finest quality Copper clad board which comes in  6x4 inches size. 
CP2102 - USB to UART Bridge

In Stock: 26


Model: CP2102-GMR
Price: Rs.150.00

CP2102 is USB to UART converter chip from Silicon Lab. Outputs are TTL compatible,  very few external components required, Requires ... more info
CP2102 USB to Serial TTL Module with DTR

In Stock: 5


Model: CP2102-Module
Price: Rs.150.00

This is a CP2102 based USB to Serial TTL module with 6 Pin connector includes DTR signal. This CP2102 Module is a new and improved design which gives ... more info
CPLD and FPGA Programmer

In Stock: 3


Model: ALTERA USB Blaster
Price: Rs.630.00  Rs.567.00
Save: 10% off

This is a ALTERA USB Blaster compatible programmer or downloader for FPGA and CPLD. This USB blaster supports official ALTERA software to download ... more info
Crocodile Clip Pair Red + Black

In Stock: 27


Model: Alligator Clip Pair
Price: Rs.20.00

This is known as crocodile or alligator clip. It has crocodile like teeth at one side for griping any surface, and another side is a push to open ... more info
DB107 - Bridge Rectifier Diode

In Stock: 13


Model: DIP4
Price: Rs.12.00

This is a DB107 Bridge Rectifier 1A, 1000V rated in IC type DIP-4 package for easy PCB mounting AC to DC oparation.   
DB3 DIAC Trigger Diode

In Stock: 88


Model: DB3- DIAC
Price: Rs.2.00

DB3 DIAC function as trigger diode with a fixed voltage reference,  DB3  can  be  used  in conjunction with triacs for ... more info
DC Plug/Jack 2.1MM

In Stock: 27


Model: DC Plug/Jack
Price: Rs.7.00

This is standard 2.1 mm DC power plug / jack. Threaded plastic cap, and wires can be soldered and crimped for longer life.     Note: ... more info
DC Socket 2.1MM

In Stock: 10


Model: DC Socket
Price: Rs.7.00

This is a 3 pin PCB mount type DC socket, also known as DC barrel jack.    
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