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BC547 - NPN Transistor

In Stock: 272

Min:  10

Model: BC547-TO92
Price: Rs.1.20

BC547 is a NPN general-purpose transistors in TO-92 package. BC547 is is the most used transistor it its catogary, This is a high voltage transistor ... more info
BC557 - PNP Transistor

In Stock: 254

Min:  10

Model: BC557-TO92
Price: Rs.1.20

BC557 is a PNP general purpose transistors in TO-92 package. BC557 is is the most used transistor it its catogary, which has many applications like ... more info

In Stock: 58

Min:  2

Model: BD140-CDIL
Price: Rs.6.00

BD140 is a PNP Power transistor in TO126 plastic package. Designed for use in Audio Amplifier and Driver utilization. Rated 100V, 1.5A working. ... more info
Berg strip- Male header- Double row

In Stock: 63


Model: BS-402
Price: Rs.15.00

This is a berg srtip also known as male headers comes in 2 rows of 40 pins configuration. This is a 2.54mm pitch pin header.   
Berg strip- Male header- Single row

In Stock: 60


Model: BS-401
Price: Rs.10.00

This is a golden Berg strip or Male header comes in 40 pins in single row configuration. This is a 2.54 mm pitch board connector.
Black Knob for D type shaft Potentiometer

In Stock: 54


Model: Small Dot
Price: Rs.10.00

This is a Black colour Plastic Knob for D type shaft potentiometers. Height of knob is 16mm, Dia min10mm to max 15mm. This knob is suitable for all ... more info
Bluetooth headset LiPo battery

Out of Stock

... more info
 Sold Out 

Model: LIPO-Tiny
Price: Rs.60.00

This is a Lithium Ion Polymer rechargeable battery for bluetooth headset.  This tiny rechargble LiPo battery is perfect solution for small power ... more info
Bluetooth Module HC-05 Master-Slave

In Stock: 11


Model: HC-05
Price: Rs.450.00  Rs.350.00
Save: 22% off

This HC-05 Bluetooth module is a software configurable Master or Slave mode, which can be selected by simple AT commands. easy wireless connection ... more info
Bluetooth Module HC-06 Slave Only

In Stock: 3


Model: HC06
Price: Rs.454.00  Rs.350.00
Save: 23% off

This is a HC-06 bluetooth module with 5V TTL support. HC-06 is slave only module for wireless serial communication. This module works with AT ... more info
BMP180 - Barometric Pressure Sensor Module

In Stock: 3


Model: GY-68
Price: Rs.240.00  Rs.216.00
Save: 10% off

This is a BMP180 based digital barometric pressure sensor module and is functional compatible with older BMP085 digital pressure sensor with less ... more info
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