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74HC4050 - Hex high to low level shifter

In Stock: 75


Model: 74HC4050D-SOP16
Manufacturer: NXP-Philips

Price: Rs.21.00

Use full for 3.3V to 5V voltage level converter.The 74HC4050 provides six non-inverting buffers with a modified input protection structure, which has ... more info
74HC573 - Octal D type transparent latch; 3 state

In Stock: 14


Model: 74HC573-DIP20-NXP
Manufacturer: NXP-Philips

Price: Rs.25.00

74HC573  is octal D type transparent Latch. When the LATCH ENABLE(LE) input is HIGH, the Q outputs will follow the D inputs. When the ... more info
74HC595 - 8-bit Shift Register With Output Latch

In Stock: 14


Model: SN74HC595N
Manufacturer: Texus Instruments

Price: Rs.26.00

74HC595 is a simple 8 bit sift register IC. just clock in data and latch it up on out put to free up micro controller pins. SN74HC595N from Texus ... more info
74HC595 SMD 8-bit Shift register

Out of Stock

... more info
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Model: 74HC595D-SOP-16
Manufacturer: NXP-Philips

Price: Rs.10.00

74HC595 is a 8-bit serial in and serial or parallel out shift register with output laches. 74HC595 is a fast 3-state device with 100 MHz typical ... more info

In Stock: 20


Model: SN74LS90P-DIP
Price: Rs.48.00

Each of these monolithic counters contains four master-slave flip-flops and additional gating to provide a divide-by two counter and a three-stage ... more info
7805 Positive 5V DC Voltage Regulator IC

In Stock: 149


Model: L7805CV-TO220
Manufacturer: STMicroelectronics

Price: Rs.10.00

L7805 is 5V DC fixed linear voltage regulator IC in TO220 package, L7805CV is a positive 5V DC 1A output rating. You should use ... more info
7812 - Positive 12V Voltage Regulator IC

In Stock: 30


Model: L7812CV-TO220
Manufacturer: STMicroelectronics

Price: Rs.15.00

7812 is a positive 12V 1A linear voltage regulator IC in TO220 package. Linear voltage regulator genarets heat to regulate voltage so if ... more info
78L05 Positive 5V Voltage Regulator 100mA

In Stock: 29


Model: 78L05-TO92
Price: Rs.7.00

78L05 is an Positive 5V 100mA Voltage regulator in TO92 package. 78 L 05 'L' stands for low power. useful in low power application. 
78L08 Positive 8V Voltage Regulator 100mA

In Stock: 19


Model: 78L08-TO92
Price: Rs.12.00

78L08 is a positive 8V DC 100mA voltage regulator in TO92 package. 
7912 - Negative 12V Linear Voltage Regulator

In Stock: 7


Model: KA7912-TO220
Manufacturer: Fairchild (On Semi)

Price: Rs.20.00

7912 is a linear 12V negative voltage regulator in TO220 package. 
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