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PIR Motion Detection Sensor Module

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PIR Motion detection sensor Module works on Passive infrared technology. It measures infrared (IR) light radiating from objects in its field of view. They are most often used in Motion detectors. This module uses BIS0001 IC for detecting motion. When ever there is any motion by a heat radiating object then this module will give an trigger out put. 

 Passive means this device does not emits or radiates any energy for detection. Every object above absolute zero emits heat, this heat signature is in Infrared wavelength so those energy can not be seen by naked eye, but they can be measured by infrared devices. 
Sensor is covered with Fresnel Lenses, which create a wide angle of detection and also used for noise filtering.Read this article for their working.  
Almost all the PIR sensor module available are work same way with very miner differences. A very good tutorial can be found here, how they work and how we can use them in different applications. 
1. Operating voltage: 4.5V to 20V DC
2. Static power consumption: 65 micro-amps
3. Output Logic level : High-3.3V, Low-0V
4. Delay Time: adjustable (5-200S +-3%)
5. Blocked Time: 2.5 Seconds Default 
6. Trigger Jumper: L No Repeat, H Repeated Trigger(Default)
7. Sensing range: <1400 , 3-7 meters(Adjustable)
8. Operating temperature: -20 -+800 C 

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